About Vatsala Menon

Color and Texture are the two cornerstones of Vatsala’s art. She has always been complimented on these two characteristics in her paintings. Quite a few art lovers have also commented on the vibrancy and strength of her art.


Vatsala, by most standards, is a late bloomer. Growing up and living for most of her adult life in India, her passion for painting bloomed only on her arrival in the U.S. in the mid-1990’s. And even then it was a long journey as a hobby artist to finally enter the world of “serious artist” in 2012. With no formal training, having taken only a couple of workshops with excellent instructors and largely thus self-taught, she ventured into the world of what has now become her enduring passion.


A college degree in hand from India, a few jobs that offered no satisfaction in the U.S., she finally gave in to her lifelong desire to paint and has not looked back since. Art is her life and her oasis. Vatsala is an Abstract artist because abstraction gives her the freedom, the creative space and the spontaneity of composition. The joy and the satisfaction of creating on canvas gives her the energy to pursue her other interests such as travelling, theater, music and reading.

Art is the very essence of my being. She nourishes me, energizes, gives me pure joy and tranquility of the mind. I became a serious artist late in life, a mid-life re-birth of sorts.


My art is about feelings, emotions, impression of the mind. The human mind has always fascinated me. I paint what I feel and sense, not what I see in the material world. Colors, rich and intense, free flowing styles, express my inner thoughts and I translate them on the canvas. Art has to have a narrative, excite the viewers, intrigue them to make them want to explore the artist’s mind through the paintings. I am inspired to paint by looking at the works of Mark Rothko and great Indian abstract artists such as Gaitonde and P. Kolte.

  • VATSALA MENON                                                                                           





    2019: May – Exhibition at the N.I.H. West Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland

    2017: April/June – Exhibition at Serendipity Lab, Bethesda, Maryland

    2016: November/January 2017 – solo exhibition at the National Women’s Democratic Club, Washington, D.C.

    2015:  April – Exhibition courtesy Rockville Art League at Glenview Mansion, Maryland


    2019: March – Accepted for artist representation by District Art Gallery, Frederick, Maryland

    2019: March – Accepted in juried exhibition at Laurel Art Guild, Montpelier Art Gallery, Laurel, Maryland

    2018: March – Exhibition at Gallery B, Bethesda, Maryland

    2018: January – Accepted to juried group exhibition at Lowe’s House of Representatives Gallery, Annapolis, MD and a recipient of Juror’s Choice award

    2017: Paintings in Sublime Galleria, Bangalore, India

    2017: Paintings in The Artling, Singapore

    2016: April – Accepted to juried show at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts, Annapolis, Maryland. Painting selected for and sold at “live auction”.

    2016: March – Accepted to juried show of Laurel Art Guild at Montpelier Art Gallery, Laurel, Maryland

    2015: August/October – Selected by The Writers Center, Bethesda, MD, as one of the artists, in an exhibition of the work of two artists

    2014:  Two paintings selected for a juried exhibition at Rockville Art League exhibition in Maryland; one received Honorable Mention


    2014:  Two paintings selected for Rockville Art League exhibition at  PEPCO  gallery in Washington, D.C.


    Paintings in private collections in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Chicago, Illinois